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About Think Leasing

Think Leasing is the smart way to pay for your next car, using the benefits of salary packaging to let the tax man help pay for the car and all its running costs.

Whether you are a PAYG employee or an employer, Think Leasing is clever, easy and ATO and Government compliant.

Huge income tax and GST savings apply even if you use the car 100% for private use plus potentially even bigger savings if you have any business use.

Think Leasing offers you the benefits that government, health, not-for-profit and large private industry employees have enjoyed for years.

Our salary packaging also saves employers big money in WorkCover and payroll tax costs as well as building staff existing loyalty and satisfaction as well as attracting high quality job seekers.

How does salary packaging work?

We use an ATO formula to use both pre-tax and post-tax income to help pay for your car and all its running costs – yes, even fuel!

Think Leasing salary packaging uses government and ATO compliant novated leasing so you save thousands on GST and income tax as well as getting the benefits from Think Leasing fleet buying power. Whether it is personal or business use or both, there are big savings available to nearly all PAYG employees. Think Leasing salary packaging is pretty amazing!

We use an ATO system called “Employee Contribution Method” (ECM) to ensure there is no FBT for employees or employers while still delivering significant savings in income tax, GST, WorkCover and payroll tax. It’s quick and easy and you will be amazed at how much you will save.

What about the running costs?

  • Fuel
  • Servicing
  • Tyres
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Registration
  • Even Car Washing!

Imagine, the tax man helping you pay for fuel! As well as all the other costs, even if the car is used 100% for private use.

Benefits of Think Leasing Salary Packaging

No procurement fees

Unlike other fleet management companies, we don’t charge procurement fees, we pass the full savings back to you. You get salary packaging prices regardless – which can save you thousands off the recommended retail pricing.


A Think Leasing Salary Package is completely flexible and adjustable to your needs, so if your circumstances change and you find yourself doing more or less kms than originally planned, we can adjust your budgets. Best of all, anything you haven’t used will be paid back to you!

Employer Friendly

Salary packaging can give your existing or prospective employees a great incentive...a new car with all associated running costs including fuel, rego, services and insurance all covered. And all of this for no cost to the business while it saves your business money.

Tax Effective

Uses pre-tax dollars from your wages added to the benefit of fleet pricing. Salary packaging will cover your car repayments and all of the running costs. It’s clever and ATO and government compliant.


Every vehicle expense can be covered in the salary package including fuel, servicing, tyres, comprehensive insurance, registration and even car washing! You save on tax for these as well as for the car itself.

Easy ATO Compliance

No records or log books to keep*, all bills for the car like fuel and servicing are paid and you can track them all online anytime you like.

*Log books are only required for business use and not required for 100% private use.

For more information, please contact our Fleet team on (03) 9707 2222 or fill out the form and we will contact you.